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Jain Prayers/Audio; Paryushan /Das Lakshan; Pratikraman Book (English) Saturday, The Pratikraman ritual book is divided into six sub-section corresponding to
 CD Description Shree Deravasi Pratikraman is a Jain MP3 CD. It has jain verses (slokas, stotra) and is available as Devsi Pratikraman (evening), Raishi or Rai
 Folowing requests from many community members Jaina Education Committee has made available two and a half hour traditional Savantsari pratikraman inMP3 format.
 A library of over 200 downloadable Jain books in many languages. Lots of Audio (Songs, To learn and watch Sthanakvasi Pratikraman and Samaik. Useful Links
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 Sthanakvasi Samvatsari Pratikraman. Sthanakvasi Samvatsari Pratikraman. Contact: Date: Aug 30,2014. RSVP Link: SPONSORSHIP. 2013 PARYUSHANA PARVA PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP.
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